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Tax return 2016


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Hi there, I'm just wondering is tuition fee in 2016 still eligible for tax return?

Somehow after i filled in the information i sorta got 0.00$, however i did the same method for 2017 tax form and got it back easily.

Has anyone come by this particular issue? Let me know.


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You will have to have unused tuition fees etc from 2016 for you to claim in 2016. So please double check to see if you have any carried forward from 2016 and put the amount that you want to claim in 2017. Not sure if there is limited amount that you can claim.

If you are trying to transfer that amount from your child for example, then I don't think you can claim any previous years. As a parent, you can only claim the current year's and the limit is $5000 max.

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Student and WITB

Based on your employment earnings the software calculated your entitlement to the "Working Income Tax Benefit" however the government disallows this benefit to students so entering the T2202a 'Tuition Certificate' caused a recalculation and removal of this amount from your refund.

You are not eligible for the WITB if:

You do not have an eligible dependant and are enrolled as a full-time student at a designated educational institution for more than 13 weeks in the year;

Ultimately you will receive a bigger tax benefit from your tuition this year or in a future year as a carry forward deduction or by transferring the credit to a parent now.

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