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My previous years have disappeared!

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I have used ufile.ca for years. In the past I could log into my previous years' filings to view information such as what was entered on a specific line of the return. I really need to see some information from last year. When I log in to the 2016 site, it is as if I never finished completing the forms. I can't see my finished return only as if I almost finished and then gave up. Says I have errors to fix first, but I did everything and filed last year. Working through the errors does nothing. Just more errors. This is kind of an emergency. I do not have a local copy. Side note: only 2015 has a "Paid Thank you" green box next to it. It should be there for all of them.

For some reason Ufile doesn't have a phone number and their online submission form is not working. Not very happy at all.

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Hi homme.grenouille,

It is possible that you have many accounts with UFile ONLINE.

Please click on "Did you forget your user name" and after following the necessary steps, you'll receive an email with the list of your user names for UFile ONLINE.

If you have more emails, try the same procedure for each email you could use for registering an account with UFile.


I hope it will help to find your tax returns.

Have a nice day!


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I am having the exact same problem. My 2016 info has completely disappeared as if I never used it. After purchasing 2017, some of our info is imported but when i open 2016 everything is gone. Were you able to resolve it?

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