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Which pages to print and what to enclose to my return.


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Since myself and my wife are filling the Tax Return for the first time we need to mail it to Revenu Quebec. After completing all the information online on ufile.ca I have 6 different pdf files available for download (3 for me and other 3 for my wife). 

Now, digging in Help Section on ufile.ca and Income Tax Return Guide published by Revenu Quebec on their web site I'm getting more and more confused. Could anybody share the experience about the following:

1. Which file to use and which pages to print?

2. Should I send my forms in the same envelope with my wife's forms  or, maybe, send them separatelly?

3. In the forms for 2017 tax year, are the [CRA] and [MRQ] really situated in the top right-hand corner, as it mentioned at help section on ufile.ca? In my case it is not so. 

4. Do I need to submit any docs other than prints from the files (like T4, RL-24 ect.)?

5. Should I send both Federal and Quebec tax forms to one single institution (Revenu Quebec)?


Sorry if the questions seems stupid but the answers might be helpful to those who prepares the first Tax Return using UFile.

Thank you.

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Hello alexdr,

If you are mailing in your tax return, you WILL NEED to include the slips and receipts with your tax return.

You will find the "Assembly instructions" near the end of the document of the tax return.

Note: In order to see the detailed assembly instructions for a tax return that is being mailed, please follow these steps:

1. Open your tax return in UFile.
2. Click on the "Interview" tab.
3. In the "Left side menu", located on the left-hand side of the screen, click on "NetFile".
4. Then, on the right-hand side, for the questions "Will you be using NetFile to submit your federal return electronically?" and "Will you be using NetFile Quebec to submit your Quebec return electronically?" (if applicable), choose "No, I will mail it", and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.
5. Click on the "Review" tab to recalculate your tax return.

You can mail your federal paper tax return to one of the following CRA Tax Centres:


You can mail your Quebec paper tax return (if applicable) to one of the following Revenu Québec Tax Centres:


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