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My fiance and I both work at home for separate reasons.

I am an employed at home worker, my offices takes up about 5% of my house. My fiance runs a self employed business at home, which takes up 10% of my house. So in total, 15% of our house is used for business purposes. How do I fill this out properly in my tax return?

When I get to the question, "What % of your home is used for personal reasons", should I enter 85% and specify my deductions only account for 5% and my fiances 10%? Or do I enter 90% for my fiance and then 95% for myself?


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Hi justw9,

We suggest that each one of you can claim his / her own percentage of the office used for business purposes in his / her own business form: (Revenues vs. Expenses).
In addition, each one of you can indicate the actual percentage used of your home for personal reasons.

For more information regarding home office expenses, please consult the following links:

For the CRA:


For Revenu Québec:



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