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Hi Danilo,

To claim this credit, please follow the steps below:

The dependant must be added to your tax file:

1. In the file of the dependant in the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select the "Medical and disability".

2. On the screen to the right, click on the plus "+" sign icon to the right of the line "Infirmity and disability amount for the dependant" and enter the required information.

3. Go back to the "Medical and disability" and on the screen to the right, click on the plus "+" sign icon to the right of the line "Caregiver amount to claim for this dependant (line 315 Québec line 462)".

4. If the dependant does not reside with you, on the page titled "Caregiver amount", on the line "Who should claim the natural caregiver amount for this dependant?", select 'Do not claim'' in the drop-down menu to the right. If you are a resident of Quebec, complete the same section for Quebec at the bottom of the page.

The program will claim the amount (if required) for the disabled person on line 316 of federal Schedule 1 of the dependant, and the unused amount will be reported on line 318 of your federal Schedule 1.

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So if I am understanding this correctly it appears as though I will need to do my moms return with mine in order to be able to get the disability amount transferred to my return  and then complete my mom and dads tax returns together without the disability amount, as they are required to do their returns as a couple?  My dad will not be claiming the disability amount.  Please clarify thank you

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Hi,  when I am claiming the "Disability amount transferred from a dependent", Ufile seems to generate an amount for "Canada Caregiver Amount", on line 30450, is this correct or am I entitled to the Caregiver credit as well?  I have claimed my Dads disability amount for years.


Please clarify thank you 

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