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Tuition Issue - Ufile Incorrect


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Wrote to support but they don't seem to care that their software is incorrect.

This is an Ontario return.

In the tuition section under Interview you are to state how much tuition is before September 5th 2017. Unfortunately these boxes are incorrect.

 It appears correct on the Federal Schedule 11 of the tax return but is incorrectly placed on the Provincial Schedule 11 form. 

I emailed support this issue on April 26th and never received a reply. I even followed up with them, as I was shocked that they'd allow their program to be incorrectly applying these amount. Seems they don't care. Will look into a different tax program for next year. Extremely disappointing. 

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Hi DeannaBruyea,

If you paid for your tuition fees before September 5, you can claim them all. If you made any payments after September 5, the fees are not admissible.

You only should use the ON portion if you paid after September 5.

On the Federal schedule 11 the education amount is no longer calculated whereas on the Ontario Schedule 11, you are still able to claim the education amount for the 7 months you attended school.

Therefore, for Ontario you have 7 x $164 per month = $1148.00 + $1097.68 = $2245.68.

The calculation is correct. It is not an error. Hopefully this clarifies your question.

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