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T4A Box 18 Dropdown


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I'm atrocious with understanding anything to do with finance. I believe that I cashed in some RRSPs from a former employer last year. Maybe they weren't RRSPs and they were something else? I don't know. (I don't even really know what RRSPs are). All I know is that I received a cheque for something like this from "RBC INVESTOR SERVICES TRUST FIDUCIE RBC SERVICES AUX INVESTI" and I deposited it into a regular bank (chequing) account. I didn't even know that this was through RBC. It was all automatically set up through Bell Media.


How do I know or find out what option to choose? See attached screenshot. I've tried contacting RBC and all they can tell me is that the dollar amount goes into box 18. I already know this. I then tried contacting CRA, and all they could tell me was that the info in box 18 also goes into Line 130.

So far no one has informed me what option to choose so that I can complete my taxes correctly!

Fuck I hate finances and my complete lack of understanding.

Can anyone please help!?

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.24.11 PM.png

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Hi XorKaya,

To help you better, we need more information of what kind of RRSP's you cashed. To do an accurate entry in the program, you need a tax slip with specification of the type of that amount.

How ever if you are retired, we suggest that you use T4A-RCA- Statement of distributions from a retirement compensation arrangement (RCA). Both boxes 16 and 20 will transfer their amounts to line 130.

Please click on the question mark ? next to the boxes to see more details and choose what is right for your situation. 

Hope this will help!

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Hello Antoine,

Unfortunately I don't know what kind they are. (I didn't really know there were different kinds. Once again, my apologies for my ignorance.) Do you have any suggestions on how/where I might find this information? As you can see from the attached screenshot of the T4A, there is no mention any of the above boxes. Is this something that should have been provided by RBC, or is it something that is based upon what I chose to do with the money? I've tried calling RBC and they just tell me that I have to input the value into box 18... which isn't the issue. It's the option that accompanies box 18 that is holding me up.


I am not retired. I am mid thirties and still working.

When I click on the ?, it just tells me that I need to choose a relevant option. But where can I find out what any of the drop-down options actually mean?1214467045_ScreenShot2018-05-14at11_22_47AM.thumb.png.1a2ab101a8e41fd7b224b2a243212b5f.png

Much thanks and much apologies.


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