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Why child's past year tuition leftover is not transferred to me or my wife this year?


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My child (my dependent) had some tuition paid in 2015. In 2016 Ufile correctly transferred $5,000 to one parent (lower taxable income?) and there was some leftovers (less than $5,000). This year (2017) I can see the correct leftover tuition amount under my child's data, I picked "let Maxback decide" as last year, but I do not see the leftover tuition amount being used under me or my wife. The leftover amount is less than $5,000 so this year Ufile should claim it all. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot.

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Hello dingfend88888,

Re: unused tuition fees from 2016

According to CRA rules, a dependant can only transfer the unused tuition fees for current year to his/her parent.

But, the taxpayer (student) can use the 2016 unused amount in 2017 to reduce his/her payable taxes down to zero if needed or can keep them for next year.

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