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Separated - 2 children, equivalent to spouse & daycare


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Here's my scenario:

Separated for all of 2018, with two children under 18, shared custody (50-50).  One has daycare expenses of which I pay half. 

Both myself and my ex pay child support payments to each other (not an offset).  No alimony.

I understand that we can each claim one of the children to both benefit from tax breaks and is allowable to designate that one child for the spousal equivalent deduction.  My questions are a) how do I do that in ufile?  and b) if I claim the one without the daycare, can I still somehow add the other, not claim as a dependant but still put in for my 50% of the daycare costs. And how do I do that?

Any guidance greatly appreciated!


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This is great that I can set controls. Thank you  

The second part of my question however is am I able to still claim daycare for a child I am not claiming as a dependent?  I don’t want to mess up anything if my ex claims that child as a dependent however we both have a portion of daycare costs. 

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