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CANNOT SAVE COMPLTED FILE, PDF AND PRINT RETURN, Prompts 'oops! Something gone wrong...'


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This year (2018 TAX RETURN) not allowing me to save my file. NOT even allowing me to save PDF or print Tax Return.

It promts "Oops! something gone wrong...." I tried to save from SETTING. It says "Failed to save, Locked by another application"

When asking me to update which I di several times. It says "Your copy of UFile 2018 is fully up-to-date"

Going in circles and still cannot save my recent updated file. Due to this problem, I started as new to fill all these info again. Now the same problem exist.

Ufile support does have much resources to reply or solve my problem. See attachment. Any solutions will be appreciated.






UFILE Tax Return 2018  problems.jpg

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Hullo Ram, likely you have more than one copy of UFile running simultaneously ... try to see all tasks running (you can use task manager to do so). Shut down all but one of the active UFile copies and try to save again. 

Good luck! 

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