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Schedule 6 - Working income tax benefits

Erin Y

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I tried to do tax return for a couple both online try for free and using Ufile disc software that installed in computer. The online Ufile try for free calculated Working income tax benefits of $782.78 as Line 453 on tax return but the Ufile disc software has no Working income tax benefits at all. How can I fix the issue when I use the software to do the tax return? Thx

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Please make sure all the data entry is identical.

The Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) is a refundable credit that is automatically generated by the program. If you are eligible for this credit, the amount will be reported on line 453 of the federal tax return and federal Schedule 6 will be generated by the program.

For more information about the WITB, please consult the following link to the CRA website:


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