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CCA Carry Forwards Not Showing Up in UFile Online 2019


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I've been using UFile for years without any problems. This year there is a MAJOR PROBLEM with the 2019 UFile Online version as none of my husband's 14 CCA carry forwards are showing up in his T2125P. The form for the Purchased motor vehicle is also not showing up, so the CCA on the vehicle cannot be claimed. All of this needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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Hi ujay,

The following steps fixed my carry forward problem in UFile Online:

Carry forward last year's data - UFile ONLINE To ONLINE

1. Log into your UFile Online account
2. Open your 2018 tax file
3. Go to the Tax Return module and download all of your tax files in PDF format
4. Click on Settings on the right top corner, then save and close the file
5. Log into your UFile Online account again
6. Go to the 2019 tax year and click DELETE (making sure you do not delete the 2018 tax year)
7. Enter your account password to confirm the deletion
8. Exit the account
9. Sign in again
10. Launch a new 2019 tax year; it should have the carry forward information


NOTE: You'll need to reenter all your information in the new 2019 tax file, but it should have the carry forwards. You may want to take screenshots or print your information before deleting your 2019 tax file. If you paid for your 2019 tax return, you'll need to contact UFile at help@ufile.ca to obtain a code so that you don't have to pay a second time. 

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