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T4A Box 30 Patronage for Joint Account


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1 hour ago, TucDream said:

uFile allows most T slips to be split painlessly.

I have a T4A slip from our Credit Union for a joint account with my spouse.

Do I have to split the slip manually, or am I missing how to have uFile do it for me?

Thanks much.

Hi TucDream, I've just gone in and looked at the T4A input screen on my UFile 2019 software. Specifically, I don't see any "allocate % to spouse / split feature" on this screen either, however it's interesting that your credit union would allocate both you + your spouse's patronage returns (if this is the case) to only one T4A slip.

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same type of problems with a joint t5008 and T3, all initial funds were my wife's, therefore any gains are hers ??? CRA seems to indicate that both people named on the t5008 should include the info on each of their forms but only actually claim any gains based on the proportion that each contributed. When I enter on each of our forms UFILE splits the gains equally between us.there is a place to put the proportion we each contributed  Even when I put 100% on my wife's form and 0% on my  form, I get half of the gain (t3 won't even allow 0, get error message)

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Hi bobzip, If the second individual is your spouse, the program can calculate each spouse's share.

In the first section of the page, in connection with your slip (T3 - T5 and/or T5008), enter the percentage that represents your share of the investment income indicated on the slip, on the line "When the income relates to a JOINT account, enter your percentage share in the account, otherwise leave blank".

However, if you enter "0%" the program will indicate at the bottom of the page the following message "A value of zero (0.00) is not allowed in this field". You must correct this field because the program will inform you in the "Review" tab that it is unable to calculate the return.

The program will then calculate and record only your share on your own tax return.

If your spouse owns the other share of the investment income, and you want the program to take it into account when preparing the tax return of your spouse, go to the line "Do you wish to transfer the remainder to your spouse's tax return (if applicable)?", and from the drop-down menu on your right, select "Yes".

You may follow this procedure providing that your spouse prepares his/her return in the same family file as you.

NOTE: If no answer is given to this question, the program will only report your participation to the investment income and the other person will have to enter his/her participation in the investment separately in his/her own file.

Please note that if more than two people share the investment income, you cannot transfer the balance of the joint investment to your spouse. You must then enter information shown on the same slip, in addition to entering his/her participation in the investment separately in his/her own file.

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