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Adjust previous tax return via MyCRA or UFile T1-ADJ?


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Back in February I found some documents that I forgot to include in my 2017 and 2018 taxes, which would increase my refund. I went on MyCRA and uploaded the 2018 docs (you can only do one year at a time). Processing time is normally quick, but then COVID happened so now I am low priority (rightfully so). I was about to file my 2019 taxes using UFile, and I see there is a place for Adjustment Requests for previous returns (T1-ADJ). Should I enter both my 2018 and 2017 missed info here as well? I don't know if posting the 2018 update in 2 sites will complicate things, but I also don't want to leave it out if it's required.

Thank you!

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I have been a U-file user for personal returns for many years.  I need to amend my 2017 tax return to include capital gains.  We relocated to our cottage in 2017 and made it our principal residence.  I see on CRA website that you can use re-file with U-file or CMR (Change my Return) or paper.  Can I use re-file with my personal U-file program or can it only be done with U-file PRO.

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