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forget to file non capital loss


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1 minute ago, Nawal said:

Thank you Nawal for your step by step guide!

Should I wait for assessment from CRA before I do this refiling Or No?


1 minute ago, Nawal said:


Hi alanhk66, if you tax return was successfully submitted, please go to  "NetFile"  tab. Click on "Federal submission" section. On the bottom of the page, click "Re-FILE". (attach refile1). NOTE: A new page "CRA ReFile" will appear in the left menu of the "Interview" tab.

-Select the section from the Left-side menu, then click "Federal ReFILE Mode". Make the modification that you want.

-Click "Review" tab, then click "NETFILE" tab. (attach refile 4)

-Tick the box "I agree with the ReFILE Terms and Conditions and Private Notice".

Click "ReFILE my return now!".


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