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cra download error


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1) Would it be possible for UFile to make an announcement on the release of a new version somewhere that is easily seen by users?

2) Or even better putting a more descriptive message at the CRA auto-filled error rather than an "Oops something has gone wrong."

3) Also please have some body or a even a bot with a canned message to inform the user something is going on when a user sent a support request via UFile 2020 form.

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As I posted in another thread on this topic, I've uninstalled IE from my PC and when I try auto-fill with Ufile 2020  ver 24.12 it says "Error trying to find an eligible web browser".  I have Edge Chromium version 89.0.774.45 installed and set as the default browser (purely as a test for Ufile).    I also have Firefox 86.0 installed (my usual default), as well as Chrome 89.0.4389.82.    No joy, no love, and no tax returns filed for 2020 (yet).

Come on Ufile/Thomson Reuters, get your stuff together.

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