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Canadian Training Credit and tuition expenses


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The help file for the Canadian Tax Credit states that I can claim 50% of my training expenses, or the CTC, whichever is less. The lesser amount is 50% of my training expenses; however, I can't figure out how to enter them. I'm not presented with any options to enter amounts on line 32000 of Schedule 11. (see attached) What am I missing? Thanks for your help!



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I'm having a similar issue. When I answer the "Do you want to claim the Canada training credit for this year?" with Yes, there is no further boxes that appear, and my refund does not change. There is no + button on the left side menu to add any additional data entry lines.

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I am also seeing this issue.


I have $250.00 available in Canada Training Credit and I spent more than $250 with an institution in Canada providing occupational skills courses which is on the approved list by the minister of employment and social development.


In the interview set-up I checked off Tuition, education, textbooks, student loans, and Canada training credit under the student category.


Under the Tuition, education, student loans section I added a Canada training credit page.


In the Canada training credit page, it automatically pre-filled the CTCL at $250.00.  I changed the “Do you want to claim the Canada Training credit in the current year” drop down box to “Yes”.


I would expect this to populate schedule 11 on the tax return and the $250.00 would feed into line 45350 on the T1 but this is not the case.  Schedule 11 does not exist on the return and line 45350 is blank. 


Am I missing a step or is this something that will be corrected in an upcoming UFILE update?


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