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Double entries from CRA and Revenue Quebec sites that added up twice


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I am not sure if anyone experienced the issue I am about to describe. As usual, any attempt to get assistance from Ufile is totally futile. Trying to get assistance from them is like hitting a brick wall.

The best way to describe the issue I had is using an example of one T5 slip that was issued by one bank . After downloading data via autofill from the CRA and Revenue Quebec (RQ) I discovered that the same T5 appeared twice on the left pane of the return. In the first T5 (let's call it A) there appeared only the entry for the Federal. In the second T5 (let's call it B) there appeared the entry for RQ and once more, the entry for the Federal. This meant that the entry for the Federal showed double the income (the addition of A and B).

To validate the theory that the Federal entry is added twice, I compared the total income in the Review section once with both T5 (A and B) there and once again with the T5 that showed only the Federal part (A) removed. The outcome was definitely different.

Other than the T5, I had also found that some other reported slips such are T3 and T5008 had been autofilled in the same fashion, twice yet some slips were reported correctly, i.e. once.

If any one had encountered such a problem, I would appreciate any insight of their findings and what did they do to fix this issue short of not using the autofill at all.

Until this auto transfer becomes reliable I strongly suggest that users be very cautious in using this feature 

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Thank you. I understand your approach however the problem is not only related to the RQ data but the repetition of the same data from the CRA.

I had seen the same T4 being transcribed from the CRA over to Netfile twice. This happened repeatedly over the years as you have implied.

Thanks for responding back.

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The duplication is not from CRA but from RQ. It has been like this from the beginning of Auto Fill. The procedure is to download the CRA info then RQ, however if you go to your RQ account and look up Tax Data you will see that your T4 slips are also there. This is what is causing the duplication.

I agree with Manual entry. It saves a lot of headache.

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Hello Display Name,

When Quebec residents download BOTH their CRA tax slips using CRA auto fill (AFR) as well as their Quebec slips using Tax Data Download (TDD), some documents may be generated  in duplicates.
Why will some data be duplicated while others won't be?
The reason why this data is duplicated is that the issuer has used two different names, one for the federal slip and another for the Quebec slip. Tax slips issuers are not required to register the same name for the federal and Quebec slips.
For example, a federal T3 slip from "Royal Bank of Canada" and an RL-16 slip are issued by the same issuer, but writing under a slightly different name as "RBC Banque Royale".
UFile will read two different names and therefore the federal slip will be accepted as well as the Quebec slip. Therefore, the program will generate duplicate data for certain income items.
This situation will unfortunately result in amounts greater than the actual amounts, in turn generating duplicate income amounts and consequently more tax payable?
We recommend that all users thoroughly check their federal return and Quebec to note these duplicates, as this will affect the tax return.
Also, we recommend you to use only one data download method, whether it is the CRA's (AFR) or Revenu Québec's (TDD).
UFile users must manually delete the duplicate page and enter the missing data manually on the other page. 

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