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Uber Eats: Business Expense, BIKES Mileage, Where to Enter?


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"On Trip Mileage 2456km" when used BIKEs, no motor vehicle was used. Can I use these BIKES Mileage 2456km as business expense when delivering food Uber Eats using Bikes, NO Motor vehicle was used. These mileage is shown in the Annual Tax Summary of Uber Eats, Ontario, Canada. 

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Hi UDas.

Ok you would have to enter the bike as a capital item using a CCA class. Then consider what percent of use is personal and what is business. You would enter expenses based on the business use percent. Expenses would be insurance, repairs, etc. You would not be able to use any mileage amounts other than to determine business vs total use. Most likely you don't record total mileage. Trust that helps.

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On 5/2/2023 at 12:25 PM, Geo123 said:

Hello razz,

If used for your business income you may be able to enter it under T2125 - CCA Class 8 and prorate how much is used for your business.  You should confirm with the CRA.

How do you show proof for a bibcle how much it was used for business. It has no odometer? Uber only says I droe about 9000km, and that is all bike. As I only have a bicycle uber account, but there is nothing specifying from ubers side that this milege is completed on a bicycle. 

Did my taxes last week, and my accountant totally disregarded the bicycle, saying it can't be written off. Wonder if I should be getting a new accountant, or have to redo my taxed to reflect the bicycle CCA. Or maybe just move on as it only be about 20% x $5000K write off, which is about $300 in tax savings per year. 

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