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T5008 Commission seems to be included twice in calculation of capital gains/loss


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I downloaded all the T5008 forms associated with my stock sales.  About half of them did not involve commissions and they look fine because the proceeds of disposition amount (2nd line from bottom) equals the stock price x the number of shares I sold.  However, for those I sold through my discount account, the amount shown as the proceeds is the net (i.e. minus the $9.95 commission).  The commission then appears in the last line.   When UFile processes this, it seems to include this value again in the calculations, as all my capital gains are off by the amount of the commission.   Am I crazy or is this calculation wrong?

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If the disposition proceeds is already reported as 'net of commission', then the entry in the cost of disposition is zero.  Don't put an entry in the commission line.  Some brokerages present T5008 disposition data net of proceeds (no entry in disposition line) while others show gross proceeds (commission needs to be added in the disposition line).

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