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Removing a dependent and file as a separate return


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My son was a dependent in 2019. In 2020 he moved out and got married.

I am trying to file return for my wife and I;  and a separate tax return for him and his wife not linked to ours 


The program does not allow me to declare him as a non-dependent and I cannot remove him from our file 

I am also having trouble to create a separate file for him to declare his revenues and expenses independently.


I bought the version of Ufile that allows 4 returns


How do I proceed




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Thanks. did that it worked for the tax file for me and my wife

However I am unable to add him as an independent person under my login and  now i have to buy a separate package for him

I thought I was buying a package good for 4 returns now i an stuck buying 2 packages for 3 returns.

talk about misleading advertising


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