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How to enter Releve 1 if Ontario Resident working in Quebec


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How do one enter a Releve 1  and T4, if you live in Ontario but work in Quebec? Which form to select in Ufile? What boxes do I fill ?

There's no option that I can find. Everything says you must enter that you work in Quebec .

I work for the federal government in Quebec and live in Ontario and they issue us an Releve 1 and T4

Thanks for any help.

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Hi @Dilum, If you worked in Quebec in the current taxation year but resided in another province (e. g. in Ontario), you should have received two tax slips: a Federal T4 slip and a Quebec RL-1 slip.

In order to enter the information found on these slips using the program, please follow these steps:

1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", click on the line "T4 and employment income" and, on the screen located on the right-hand side, first select "T4 and RL-1 (Relevé 1) income earned in Quebec with QPP contributions" or ?T4 income earned in Quebec with CPP contributions? depending on your situation

2. Enter the information from the T4 and the RL-1 slip and, from the drop-down menu of Box 10, select the province of employment;

3. If you have an amount in Box J of the RL-1, ignore this amount as it is a taxable benefit that can be claimed as a medical expense in Quebec only, while for residents of other provinces/territories this amount cannot be claimed as a medical expense because the premium has been paid by the employer;

4. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" and select "Ontario tax and credits" (or from any other province of residence as appropriate) and enter the required information, if applicable.

By clicking on the "Reviews" tab, you'll notice on line 43700 of the federal return that the amount of total income tax deducted corresponds to the Box 22 of the T4 and Box E of the RL-1 slip. Furthermore, in the "Review" tab, you may see the following "Warning": "The pensionable earnings entered for a T4 exceed the amount of T4 income". Please ignore this warning.

The program will generate the Form RC381 pertaining to the inter-provincial calculation of the CPP and QPP contributions and overpayments.

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Hi Nawal,


Thank you for the information. I entered as per instructions for income earned in Quebec with QPP contributions and entered in Box 10, select the province of employment as 'Quebec'  But now I have to pay to federal government, why?

This raises few questions,

1) My pay (Gross and the net income) did not change for past few years, and I got a refund every year while I was working in Ontario, only my work place changed from ON to QC in 2020, how come I have to pay now?

2) I entered both boxes for Income tax, T4 box 22 and Relave-1  Quebec income tax withheld box E. Why am I paying income taxes twice? 

3) What information do I need to enter  for "Ontario tax and credits" ? What is the required information, if applicable?

4) When I went to 'review' in Ufile , I see that non refundable tax credit , basic personal amount is $13,229.00 for 2020. But I worked in Quebec in 2020, shouldn't it be Personal amount for Quebec taxes as $15,532? if yes, how do I change it in Ufile?

5) Where can I see this form RC381 pertaining to the inter-provincial calculation. what is the purpose of this form?

6) Are there any other tax credits I am missing as a result of my workplace change from Ontario to Quebec?

Thanks for any help




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