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How to adjust for missed RRSP receipt from 2020 first 60 days?

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I had made a RRSP top up on Feb 28th, 2020 thinking that it wouldn't go through until Mar 1st.  However, I just realized this when entering in my 2020 receipts.  I intended for this RRSP contribution to actually be counted towards my remainder of the year for 2020 (Mar 1-Dec 31, 2020).  So this contribution was not entered in my 2019 tax return.  I wish to use this amount for my 2020 tax year.  However, I can no longer enter in an amount for the first 60 days in 2020.  

Do I have to make an adjustment on my 2019 Netfile/tax return submission?  If so, how do I do this in UFile?  Is there a form I need to complete?  Do I need to contact CRA directly?  Or is it possible to enter this in as a "remainder of the year" contribution for 2020?  (I'm doubtful though as it's dated on Feb 28, 2020).



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I'm confused. Does the RRSP t-slip show First 60 days of 2020 or March-Dec. 2020. If the former, then the 2019 return has to be adjusted, and if it was included in the 2020 return, then do a refile without it. If it was the First 60 days of 2020, I don't believe it is possible ti use it in the 2020 return.

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