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T5013 and box 118


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Box 118 is gross business income and Box 116 is (net) business income. I think that if one of the boxes is reported, the CRA expects reporting of the other box. If the amount distributed to you from the partnership is the same as the amount in Box 118, then net = gross and you can put the amount in 118 also in 116. But make sure that is the case.

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Interesting - I replied, but my reply disappeared a little bit later.

Thank you for answering.  My situation is actually slightly different than the original poster's.  In my case I do have amounts for Box 116 (and 118) but when I enter both sets of information I still get the error message that I need to complete Box 116 given I have completed Box 118.  The number that's in Box 116 is negative (it's positive in Box 118) - I wonder if that is the problem?

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I appreciate you trying to help me out.

I've double-checked the partner code and it is correct.  As I live in Québec there are two partner codes (one for feds, the other prov, and both are 0), and that's what I have entered in the respective boxes. 

I actually have a second error message (in addition to the Box 116 and Box 118 issue) which tells me I am not permitted to enter "general business income (loss)" if I have a partner code of 0 and that I should have entered instead "limited partnership income (loss)".  Regrettably this error message refers to Box 08 for the partner code but there is no Box 08 on the UFile form (or on the T5013), as partner code goes into Box 002.  I do know that if I delete Box 118 and leave it blank all the error messages go away.

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