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Attaching Documents to Tax Return


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I have a primary residence that is currently rented out and I am electing to use Subsection 45(2) of the Income Tax Act so I can still use the same address as my primary. I need to write a letter and sign and date it and attach it with my return before submitting it but I cannot find where I can attach files to my return. 

In the FAQ it says I do not need to submit other documents but this is an exception.

Thank you for your help.

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I wanted to send document to elect to use Subsection 45(2) of the Income Tax Act as well. After I submitted my tax return on UFile, I went to CRA MyAccount and there's the "Submit documents". But there's no options to submit this document. @Trev @clw did it work out fine last year? how else can I submit documents?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello greenvelvet,

When you change your principal residence to an income producing property, such as a rental or business property, you can make an election not to be considered as having started to use your principal residence as a rental or business property. This means you do not have to report any capital gain when you change its use. If you make this election:   //  To make this election, attach a letter signed by you to your income tax and benefit return of the year in which the change of use occurs. Describe the property and state that you want subsection 45(2) of the Income Tax Act to apply.  

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