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Where to enter the Examination fees paid for bar eligibility for a law student


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Question about Exam fees. My dependent got below certificate for these fees. Where on UFile can I enter these fees paid? This dependent has a T2202 issued from a foreign university that I have been able to enter easily but not finding any place where I will claim these additional fees paid to another body.

“This is an official receipt of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada for examination fees paid to meet the requirements of the National Committee on Accreditation (“NCA”). It is hereby certified that the following examinations were completed by the Applicant and that the total amount indicated below constitutes the amount of eligible fees paid for purposes of paragraph 118.5(1)(d) of the Income Tax Act of Canada. The examinations were required for the purpose of certification for admission to a bar admission program in a Canadian law society. No part of the amount was levied for travel, parking, equipment of enduring value, or any charges other than examination fees.”

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So shall I modify the one T2202 I already have (but does not include these 900+ fees) or shall I add another T2202 for just the fees? I am assuming since CRA does not have a copy of this T2202 on their end, I will only be filling up box 26 (and leave 24 and 25 blank) as part time/full time does not apply to this exam fee only T2202. Correct?


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