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Missing T1032 Split Pension


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Sorry I first posted this on Ufile online by mistake, I am using UFile Windows.

I am going my parents taxes and my father's pension is much higher than my mothers. I chose Split Pension for both, and "let MaxBack decide" yet when I review their returns the program did not fill out T1032. Is this a glitch?????

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There are a few reasons this happening. First, always double check all entries. An amount entered on the wrong form or in the wrong box will cause all sorts of problems.

Another possibility is that a split isn't optimal. Your mother may lose more in OAS claw back and age credit than your father gains in taxes. To experiment, note the total taxes currently being paid by them. Then in the T4A and pension income section select Split pension income with spouse. Rather than MaxBack, set it to Transfer to spouse and put in an arbitrary amount like $1,000. Run it and see what the total taxes are. If they have gone up, then zero split is probably best.

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