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Elderly dependent with $0 income - could not net-file

Paul S.

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Elderly mother do not receive any income since she has not been in Canada for many years, but she still has to file with $0 income.  In previous years Ufile would let net file for her, but for 2020 it is not allowing it. 

The error message is, "You were age 65 or over on December 31,2020 and had not received old age security pension - T4A(OAS). CRA need a Confirmation that no old age security pension (T4A(OAS)) was received in 2020.  Click here to fix and select Confirmation - You did not receive old age serurity pension."

But the system does not give that option anywhere to confirm it and let it file.  This was never an issue in previous years.  Please let me know how to overcome this error/message.


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