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CCA - Capital Additions - How to Fill Out Class 8 and Class 50 Forms


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Hi there, first year as Sole Proprietor filing my own taxes using UFile, and am a bit stuck with the Capital expenses.

I have 2 capital expenses to claim, first is a laptop, and other is office build in basement (lumber, drywall, carpeting, etc.), so I've added under CCA the following two pages in UFile:

Laptop as Class 50 - Furniture & Fixtures, and Office build as Class 8 Computer.  

See attachments for how I filled it out.  Right now the capital costs are not showing up on the tax return form.  I think I need to fill out one of these  lines for each:

Description and amount of capital additions (other than AIIP):
Description and amount of capital additions of AIIP:
but I don't know which one.  Would love some guidance! 
Also am I needing to fill out any of the other blank fields?


Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 9.39.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 9.42.44 PM.png

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I did that, copied the $2540.24 into the opening balance of the undepreciated CC box, and I get an "Unable to calculate the return. Please fix the errors." 

"Both fields must be filled."  When I click on fix, it brings me back to the form, but I don't know which fields they are referring to.  :(

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There is no problem. The rules are federal and if Ontario was different the software would adjust for this. In Quebec there are two returns. Class 50 has the half year rule but you say No. The AIIP essentially does away with the half year rule so I assume the correct response is Yes to Half year and the AIIP will override that.

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