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ReFILE using "applicable interview page" or T1 Adj?


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I noticed I missed a box amount on a T4A after filing and receiving NOA. ReFILE tab states "enter the required modifications within the applicable interview pages", but the T1 Adj interview page states to use it for "adjustment requests for a tax return that has been filed". So is the "applicable page" the T1Adj page or the T4A page???

I added the missing amount to the T4A interview page, and tried to ReFILE in the Netfile page. It was rejected. I clicked "ReFILE my return now" again, and got "Result 15", "Your account is locked". 

So should I try ReFILE using the T1 Adj instead? (UFile - what's the point of having vague help? It should be easy to have accurate "help")

I tried calling CRA, but all agents busy, and even the on hold que was full, so told to call back later. 

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22 minutes ago, Curmudgeon said:

Yes, I already checked that site, but non of the exclusions apply unless a re-assessment is happening, but no message on the account. It also does not answer the question if the missed number is to be added to the T4A page or T1 Adj page. thks

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