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Override Unapplied Net Capital Losses carryforward amount??


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Is it possible to override the "Amount of unapplied net capital losses" that UFile carries forward?  I made a mistake 12 years ago and forgot to tell UFile that I had "carried back" some net capital losses of 2010 to years 2007, 2008 and 2009. So my unapplied net capital losses have been incorrect ever since.

Short of redoing every return since 2007, is there any way to correct the current carry forward amount?


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Thanks for the response. There is a Capital Gains history form in the interview section under the "Capital Gains (or losses) and ABIL" section. Unfortunately changing the amounts in that form and hitting Next seems to have no affect at all on the "Amount of unapplied net capital losses" that shows up in the return on the "Net Capital losses of other years" page.

On the other hand, changing the values in "Capital loss carryforward" form in the interview under "Losses or prior years, carrybacks" does seem to correct my carry forward amount. Oddly enough most of the amounts shown in the Capital loss carryforward form are missing or incorrect. Not sure why!


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