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T1135 e-file


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I use Ufile for Windows and Google Chrome. I refer to the Netfile page and specifically the "Federal T1135 submission" section. My intent is to submit my T1135 electronically.

I click the blue box which says with some excitement "File the T1135 now!" Ufile comes back immediately and says "Accepted!" and I am given a receipt number. Amazing. Neither Ufile nor the government asked me to click on my T1135 file which is in an unidentified folder somewhere in my computer. Did Ufile search my entire computer looking for a file with the keyword T1135? I doubt it. What did the government get that they accepted my submission? Or was that an automatic Ufile response?

I do not want to print, sign and mail this form which is the alternative. I sent Ufile an email but things have changed over my many years. They do not answer an email. I thought I might tip them off to a problem and get help at the same time. I tried again BTW being very careful (it is dead simple) and my submission was rejected as already done. Don't know if this was Ufile or the goverment's response.    Anybody relate to this?


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Hi Sankfrankcisco,

As clw said, as long as you filled out form t1135 in ufile, under the foreign income and property section, ufile should efile it for you when you hit the blue button.  

I have a technical question for you: i have life insurance with my US employer, and not sure what to put in the "max cost amount during the year" and "cost amount at year end" fields in form T1135. Is it the total amount of premiums paid by the employer for my life insurance, or the face value of the policy (e.g. 2 x annual salary)? Or something else?

Any hint by you or anyone else reading this, greatly appreciated.

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I’d guess cash surrender value of the policy, which is likely zero since most employer paid life policies are term life insurance policies. It’s just a guess though. The premium paid by your employer is probably a taxable benefit though.  I get  T4 every year from my Canadian employer that shows the premium for a group life policy. 

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I submitted both my T1135 and my wife's. They came back right away with a message that indicated that the file was rejected because it was a duplicate with error message 484. But when I check it says there is a Confirmation Number beside both the Original Tax form and the T1135. Does this mean that the submission was successful or does the existence of the confirmation number just mean that it was sent. I need to know if I need to print it because the software does not work. Will this get me in trouble with the government?

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CRA lines are full for today. 

On 4/30/2023 at 10:48 AM, Geo123 said:

Hello taxperson5,

The T1135 confirmation number is not on the CRA portal, please check the UFIle NetFile page.

Filing status
Federal submission
Federal T1135 submission
Acknowledgment report  < - - - HERE

Yes I do see a confirmation number in UFile - is this sufficient to confirm that it was indeed sent to the CRA, despite the fact that I still see an error message in UFile?

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All the US holdings  are joint with my wife but still had to fill out a form for both of us as it doesn't automatically file one for my spouse.  I filed mine successfully but when I went to Netfile my wife's form, I also got a reject code 484 saying it had already been filed.  I checked the acknowledgment report and I do have a confirmation code for my wife's also.  The only thing I can see is it got filed at the same time as mine even though you are asked to file them separately the same way you file the income tax return.  Hope this can help others in the future

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