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AutoFill failing - Ufile displays "error code -3"


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When using AutoFill I am getting a popup "Secure.ufile.ca Says: -3"

Repro Steps:
with Chrome Browser:
1.  Under CRA Auto-fill my return:  Go to Download my information

2. Click Download and complete all CRA login info including two-factor authentication

3. Observe CRA message "The System is processing your request.  This may take several minutes..." (see attachment)

4. The message resolves and Ufile pop-up:  "Secure.ufile.ca says -3" will appear (see attachment)

5. no data is sucessfully donwloaded


Ufile Message (French).png

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6 hours ago, BrandonRamakko said:

I'm getting the same error message. I tried using edge and chrome and neither made a difference.

Still getting it on my end. I wrote the support team two weeks ago and haven't had a reply yet. 


If this isn't resolved I will likely ask for a refund. I downloaded TurboTax (free version) and have successfully imported my information so I feel that the problem is not on the CRA side but rather Ufile is unable to successfully make this transaction work.


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