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Use of UFILE PRO or IMPOTEXPERT PRO to file returns for Quebec clients


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Hoping you can help sort through the issues i am experiencing. 

I have 25 UFILE PRO 2021 returns and need to Netfile for 5 or more Quebec clients.  Am an authorized tax filer in both jurisdictions.

When i try to Netfile get a rejection notice listing error code (T3BAAS19) with a short explanation that i am not authorized to use the (Quebec Netfile) service for transmitting (quebec) income tax returns. 

Am i working with the right PRO package, i wonder?  Don't see the fleur de lys in the English version of UFILE PRO at all...  Mainly is that the issue?  And if so, is there a way for UFILE to convert my existing UFILE PRO for Windows package into Impotexpert PRO that appears to have the built in quebec tax e-filing functionality. 

Appreciate a solution to this issue.  Many thanks!

Kim   819 771-0647

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Hi @KimG,

UFile PRO is certified for Quebec submission. Please make sure your Quebec credentials are valid.

UFile PRO allows you to transmit tax returns via EFILE. To do this, you must have a CRA Efile number and a password.

This is how you would configure UFile in order to use the EFILE transmission.

Click on the "settings" menu from the top-right corner, choose "EFILE - NetFile setup" and complete the information:

    A- In what capacity are you preparing tax returns? (Professional tax preparer);
    B- EFILE on line;
    C- Enter your CRA EFILE number along with your CRA EFILE password;
    D- Complete the page by entering your information from your EFILE registration;
    E- Once done, click "OK".

IMPORTANT! If you are preparing a tax return for a Quebec resident, you must also check the box for "NetFile Quebec for professionals". Then, you must enter the NETFILE Quebec number and NETFILE Quebec password that you obtained from Revenu Quebec.

Thank you,

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