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Line 33199


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How do I fill out line 33199 in ufile?  I'm claiming some medical expenses that I paid for my parents (who count as my dependants) but can't seem to figure out how to get this amount into line 33199.  Ufile when clicking on the info link under "medical expenses" says any amounts I enter will be reported under 33099 which is my medical expenses not my dependants.



Line 33199 – Allowable amount of medical expenses for other dependants


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Specifically, the "Medical expenses" page in the Interview section is for one's own medical expenses, and since the person I'm claiming as a dependent (not a child under 18, therefore Line 33199) is not included as part of my (family's) return, there doesn't appear to be any place to claim this deduction.

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When completing "relationship" to family head, it is sister-in-law which is not on the list.  The dependant for medical expenses is my wife's sister, so should we enter "sister" for relationship?  Also, does adding her as a dependant in this way prevent us from using uFile to submit her taxes as an individual, not as a dependant?



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