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Autofill issue


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CRA started two factor authentication and has given the option to not ask the for the verfication for next 8 hours by selecting the check box on the loging page.

Ufile browser that opens for auto fill forgets that the authentication has been done and  keeps asking for the authentication.

Any fix for this.

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We have the same problem at our clinic. You say “don’t ask again for 8 hours” on the CRA site, but whatever they are storing in edge to remember that gets removed. I’m guessing UFile is clearing cookies after each autofill session, but I don’t know how to correct that behaviour. We use the passcode grid option, which is  little faster than waiting for an sms. 
interestingly, using edge outside of UFile give the expected behaviour.. it doesn’t ask for 2fa for the rest of the day, even though edge within UFile on the same day, does.

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 I have found a work-around...it's a bit of a kluge though.
Open uFile, start a return with anything you like. You can use all zeros for the sin but answer all the questions with a red * beside them because those are required. You can use made up data.
Select "yes" for autofill, and "yes" for already filing the authorization, even though you haven't. There is no point in filing the authorization with fake data. It won't work. Next do the autofill. Sign in, and do the 2FA stuff. Be sure to click the button to not ask for the 2FA for the next 8 hours on this device. When you get past that, minimize the web browser window (click the little - in the top right corner). That brings you back to uFile and it's still waiting to do the autofill. Force close uFile (click the X in the top right)
Leave that web browser window on the bottom of your screen and go ahead with a real tax return. You'll have to sign in as usual but it won't ask for 2FA for the next 8 hours.  You might get a message that the CRA session has expired. That's OK, Just log in again. The minimized browser does not have to remain logged in, but don't close its window.
Hope that helps,
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