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CRA Auto-Fill


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Actually we helped one client that had a similar issue and succeeded by changing internet provider. Essentially, she used her phone as hotspot to connect to the internet and then returned to her regular ISP and everything worked. If you need help please reach out to our support dept.  ASAP. 

George Hiotis QA Manager UFile.ca 

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I ran into this same issue just now and tried the hotspot technique -- that didn't work. What solved it for me was adjusting the time and time zone properly on Windows. For some reason Windows often comes up with the wrong time-zone, hence the local time is incorrect. If the inaccurate local adjusted time is used in various cryptography algorithms, the negotiation with the CRA servers will fail. 

For me, I just right-clicked the time/date in the status bar, forced a sync with the time server and forced a sync of the time-zone. CRA download then worked perfectly.

Hope this helps others.

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