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OAS confirm not received over age 66


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Where can I Confirm the following:  You were age 65 or over on December 
31, 2021, and had not received old age security pension - T4A(OAS). CRA 
need a Confirmation that no old age security pension (T4A(OAS)) was 
received in 2021. Click here to fix and select Confirmation - You did not 
receive old age security pension.

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I posted this back in February 2021. Do a search for OAS

Go to the Interview tab then click on "Interview setup" in the index list. Look to the right and look for "Pension". Tick the box. From there look back at the Index listing on the left and look for "T4A and pension income". Click on that and to the right you will see in the "Pension income" group a Confirmation schedule, add it and you should be ok once its completed. Select Adjustment of old age security pension.

Just for information purposes. When you do decide to apply for OAS consider asking for a retro payment for the preceding 11 months. It might be beneficial.

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I am 67 and information from this post is useful.

I have another issue regarding the UFile warning message as below:

"Based on your family income and according to your family situation, UFile has determined that you MIGHT be eligible for some of the OTB benefits that are claimed on the ON-BEN forms"

I input all the forms such as: ON-BEN Application for tax credits & declaration, ON-BEN Property Tax paid (owner) $5.8k  & ON-BEN Home energy costs for 2.8k, but I can’t fix  the  warning message. 

FYI, 2020 my adjusted family income is  about $39,000 and I entitle OTB $1500 plus OSHPTG $500.  This year family income is about 40,000, and expect the similar benefit $2000 but UFile PDF shows zero on Ontario Trillium calculation.  Is it something I miss or software problem because no such warning message the last year?

Appreciate your assistance, 

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