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T5 splitting with spouse


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What does Ufile do in this situation? I reported a T5, mark the field for JOINT ACCTs with ''50%'' and the forget to say ''YES'' on the question ''Do you wish to transfer the remainder to your spouse's tax return (if applicable)?'', what does Ufile do??

On my 2019 return I had in three instances forgotten to say ''YES'' and the result was that the program seemingly only reported 50 % on my income and dropped the other 50%, resulting in an incorrect combined total. There should be a safety check, if the field for the percentage box is not blank then the next question MUST be YES. I cannot see a situation where one would report interest and give a percentage to split with spouse and then not want to do so by leaving the next box blank. Or is there one?? Many thanks.

I should add, the resulting transfer to CRA was exactly short by half the amount, but seemingly showed a refund on the total amount in print.

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This happened to us last year as well but in our case we did say “yes” every time.  We couldn’t understand why we got a larger than normal refund until CRA called and explained the software did not calculate the 50% to the spouse.  I have not 100% completed our returns yet but so far when I look to see if the 50% shows up on both returns, I do not see any indication that it is there.  

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In some cases the ownership of the investment may not be joint with the spouses. That is why the question to transfer to the spouse is there. Responding to the percentage and the transfer question will result in the correct allocation for the returns. Of course the T5 is only entered in one spouse's return.

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