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Cant find Option to enter RRSP for January to February 2021 - UFILE Windows

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In Tax Year 2020, I did not declare "Contribution to your own RRSP" and "Contribution you made to your spouse´s RRSP" for "First 60 days of 2021". 

How do I go about to declare "Contribution to your own RRSP" and "Contribution you made to your spouse´s RRSP" for me and my spouse for Tax Year 2021 (Jan 2021 till Dec 2021)?

The Options I am seeing are,
-March to December 2021
-First 60 days of 2022

Can´t see "January to February 2021" or "First 60 days of 2021" in the "RRSP contributions,limits" page.

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I might be wrong in this, but that would actually be a carry forward from last year would it not? But I’m guessing you didn’t enter it last year because you didn’t want to claim it. Rather than adjusting your 2020 return, I’d just stick the amount in the 2021 March-Dec) bucket and call it a day. If questioned, you can submit show the receipt and explain what you did. 

I await a better answer from someone smarter.

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