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auto fill for authorized reps


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I have an authorized rep id to do a family members taxes but when I try to auto fill from the cra site the only options to download the information is thru a partner (ie bank) or cra ID.  There is no option for representing a client. I am using Ufile for windows. Please help!

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You log on to the CRA site with your usual credentials… either your bank, or your CRA ID. If you are an authorized rep for that SIN it will download the data. This is for UFile Pro. …not sure how the other versions work…. If you get a “not authorized” message after you log on and try to access the SIN, then your RepID is not authorized for that person. 

wow, as I reread that, I could have explained it better I’m sure!

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Hi JohnA, thanks for responding! I can look at this persons cra information when I log in thru represent a client in the govt website, however when I am in the ufile program (ufile for windows) it doesn't give me an option to sign in thru represent a client (only log in thru partner or cra ID). It does say that an authorize rep can download the information I just don't know how. Support does not respond to emails. For ufile pro, do you click on the download button and the rep a client is there?

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