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Ufile not allowing electronic submisison for a deceased person Year of Death 2021 Tax year 2021


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Can anyone help? My mom passed in February 2021 and I am trying to submit "Final Taxes" for 2021 - Ufile gives me an error when I try to submit. I have done yer taxes for last several years. I checked with CRA and they allow electronic filing of a deceased person - not sure what is wrong.

Anyone have any experience/knowledge on this one?



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sorry to hear about your mom.......anyhow, I have completed both my parents taxes after they passed and you cannot efile a deceased persons taxes.

all done by mail and paper.....and you need to executor (or have a surviving parent sign allowing you to  do the taxes).

good luck


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Condolences to you and your family.

if you Mom’s income in 2021 is less than 35k, and the return is otherwise a simple one, you might be able to find someone at a CVITP clinic who will eFile it for you. Check the CRA website for free tax clinics in your city. We don’t normally do final returns, but sometimes a volunteer will make an exception to help out a family if the return is straight forward. The volunteers use UFile Pro, which does eFile. 

Note that if there is income received by the estate (i.e received after the date of death) it needs to go on a T3 return, or possibly a “rights and things” return. Those are definitely more complicated situations and you will need to seek professional assistance. The only exception would be the CPP death benefit. It can go on the T3, or on the estate beneficiary’s T1 return. 


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Hi everyone. I am in the same situation. My father passed away in July 2021 and I am now doing his taxes on UFile (as we have done for the past 10 years). I followed all of the instructions to mark this as his final tax return and all appeared to be as it should. Then I got to the end to find out that I cannot use NETFILE to submit his return.  It is joint with my mom's taxes which allows me to e-file hers.  I am not a tax savvy person and have always relied on the calculations of UFile to do my taxes. 

My question is: Am I allowed to print out what UFile has generated for me and submit that via mail as my Dad's final Tax Return? Or do I now need to go find the paper version and manually fill out the forms and mail that in? 

Any information you have will be greatly appreciated! My dad's taxes are as simple as can be - just his T4A(P), T4A(OAS), and a T4A slip. Nothing else. Thank you!

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