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UFILE Server Issues???

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I believe the UFile servers are experiencing issues because we couldn't create a return nor file. Plus their was an error on my wife's return that we could not correct for the life of us. Then I signed out and signed back in to try and see if this would help, but now I can not even sign back in. I surely hope the servers weren't hacked and our information is now being spread throughout the internet for all to see. I have been on hold for several minutes via phone and I need to hit the hay soon since I start my night shifts. I never had issues with UFile before but this is absolutely unjustified. Another issue was that we were being asked to pay, but I had already paid to file the returns 3 months ago.

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I had to hang up on the support line since I have been waiting too long(30 mins) and need to sleep. What once took an hour for both of us to file has now turned into a 3 hour escapade due to all these issues we have been experiencing. Not a great morning and will set the mood for tonight's shift. UFile, you seriously dropped the ball this year!!!

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And 1 other issue before I head to sleep. After we had brought my wife's information into the return from last year, a message appeared that an incorrect amount was entered, showing the amount beside the message. There was no entry in any of our return information that had that amount, nor could UFile find the line where the supposed amount was entered. The program would just hang there with the little "processing" symbol in the middle of the screen. I think a refund or free filings next year should be in order.

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