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Warning that all electronic submissions not completed for Netfile but shows as "ready to file" for all on Netfile tab .


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Apologies; cross posting as I inadvertently posted originally in the Installation forum

Netfile page. warning message in lower panel: "you have not completed all of the required electronic submissions. Refer to Filing Status..." but that page show both myself and my spouse as "Ready for filing".

How can I find which submission is missing or correct this or can I simply ignore the warning? Note that warning does not appear elsewhere only when on Netfile tab

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Major apologies for not updating sooner (been away). I always find it frustrating when people reach out to a Community Forum for help and then do not report back on if/how they fixed the issue.

My issue was: On the Netfile page. warning message in lower panel: "you have not completed all of the required electronic submissions. Refer to Filing Status..."  but shows both of ours as "ready to File"

The message is, depending on how you look at it, either bogus or technically correct but stupid. The message of a missing submission does not appear on the tax return page. That is because if I were to print the Return all the required submissions are indeed included in the Return. And the reason a "missing submission" appears on the Netfile page because (wait for it) the missing submission *IS* the Netfiling itself. Once I did Netfile (and no problems occurred) the "missing submission" message went away.

So it is a programmer's logic and not good for users. Filing taxes is always stressful and want to be sure to get them correct and not get locked out of Netfilikng and hours on the phone with CRA as others have reported. So having an unnecessary, redundant (that is why I am on this page to submit the return), confusing message like this is not good UX. The Product manager should have this removed.

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