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Tuition Credit calculated is too high


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For my daughter's return, her tuition expenses are much more than what she needs to reduce her federal taxes payable to zero.   The program is calculating the exact amount of tuition credit required in schedule 11 so the non-refundable tax credits equal the federal tax payable.   The remaining tuition fees are carried forward to next year.   This is fine on its own, however, she also received some dividends income and with that she received a dividend tax credit which shows on line 40425.   But when you add the non-refundable tax credits and the dividend tax credit, they are greater than the fed tax payable which means the program is wasting some of the tuition tax credits.

I have tried changing the settings to carry forward, transfer to parent, let maxback decide -- none of them solve the issue.   Is there a way to correct this?

By example: 

Fed Tax Payable     2,500   
Non-Ref tax credits        
  Basic   13,000   
  Non-Ref Tax Credit 1,950   
Net tax owing without tuition credit   550   
Divide above by 15%     3,667  this is the amount the program calculates to use as the tuition tax credit on SCHEDULE 11
On tax return:        
Line 118 Fed Tax owing     2,500   
Line 119 - non-ref tax credits     2,500   
Line 120 - dividend tax credit     200   
Line 122 - total     2,700   
Line 123 --- line 118 less 122 (if negative enter "0") 0  this is the problem - the $200 dividend tax credit is not being used
        the program should reduce the tuition amount used
Tuition paid     8,000   
Used in 2021     (3,667)  
Carry forward     4,333   



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