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Disabilty Tax Credit (DTC)


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I have a 13 years old boy with disability and I put all his information in infirmity section of his interview question . I like to know if I applied disability tax credit (DTC) correctly into my Ufile interview section? my son was already approved for his dyability from the government (T2201 was filled and verified) . How can I check if this credit
is applied into my return or my husband return? 

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Just wondering do I have to enter anything in  Ufile if CRA records indicate that I am eligible to claim the disability tax credit (DTC) for myself 2018-2027. Is it automatic for CRA to apply the credits? 

I can't find Line 31600 – Disability amount for myself. Disability amounts for the 2022 tax year:
18 and older: $8,870 (disability amount)

Please help me. 

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Hello Albert Servando

To claim the Disability Tax Credit

You must claim the credit for every year that you are eligible.  It must be claimed in the file of the person with the disability.   For prior years (2018-2021) you should REFIle your taxes.

>>>Interview setup

[Interview setup (left hand navigation pane - - beneath “CRA Express NOA”) >> Double click the interview setup]

>>>>Go to Right Hand Screen - Interview SetUp

>>>>Medical expenses, disability, caregiver “--à

>>>> Infirmity and Disability amounts claim for yourself* (line 31600)

-Name or description of infirmity: -àPut description

-Are you eligible for the disability amount on federal line 31600?-àLeave blank (NULL)

-Does this infirmity provide entitlement to the Canada caregiver amount?-à Answer yes or no (if require care for daily needs)


NOTE : You use UFIle Data Entry >> Medical Expenses >> Infirmity and disability to claim the disability amount for the individual  (line 31600).  The claim for a dependant and / or is his or her file.

The program will automatically transfer any unused disability amount from the dependant to line 31800 on the supporter's return.

Note that in the first year of claiming the disability amount, the medical certificate T2201 must be submitted to the CRA. A person claiming a disability amount can only use NetFile if he(she) is registered with the CRA as disabled. Otherwise, he(she) has to file his(her) tax return on paper and include the medical certificate T2201.

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