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Both fields must be filled.


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Keep getting this error message. But when I click "Click here to fix", it doesn't indicate what fields need attention. Have triple checked all information from slip boxes and are entered correctly. So far, this program is worthless. Anyone know how to figure this out?

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Thanks for the reply

When I click "click here to fix" it brings me to the start of my T2125, there are no highlighted boxes or asterisks. There are no duplicated forms. I've been over all the information several time. this is just to report my Doordash income btw.

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I too am getting an error message saying Both fields must be filled in relation to a T5013, and when I 'click here to fix' this Error, nothing happens. I cannot determine the problem. I deleted all entries on the page and then re-entered them. It didn't work. I am still getting an Error message and an unresponsive 'click here to fix'.

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Hello Michael GM,

Please verify in the T5013 that both fields are filled in the following sections (if applicable) :

Capital cost allowance  040

Generic boxes
Limited partner's farming income (loss) 
Limited partner's fishing income (loss) 
Limited partner's business income (loss) 

Other income (specify):

Description [115] 114

Allocating income to multiple jurisdictions
Details - province from which you derive partnership income

Business income (loss) 116


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