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Working from home expenses - myself plus spouse


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My partner and I were both working from home last year.  I intend to submit the "detailed" version of T777S for myself as I believe it covers things such as electricity, water, internet expenses and so on.  I will be claiming 100% of those expenses myself whereas my spouse will not (although she was also working from home).

With the scenario described above, can my spouse submit her working from home expenses using the temporary flat rate method?  Or must she use the "detailed" T777S method as well?  Or should she not claim any working from home expenses since I will be claiming all the utilities?

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Hi @CRS,

Both of you can claim the home office expenses for working at home and both of you can choose their own method between simplified and detailed. 

Usually the detailed method is better for tenant since they can include their rent as expenses.

Please refer to CRA for more details:

How to claim - Home office expenses for employees - Canada.ca

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