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I just netfile T1135. Filing status shows that T1135 Rejected. But Acknowledge report shows that the confirmation number upon successful submission. It is confusing!!  Only thing I can think of is that first time when click for netfile T1135 , I thought it did not go through and try to file again . is that the reason it show rejected?  Do not know?

Any one has any such problem?

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Yes it's frustrating calling CRA. Although the penalties for not submitting a T1135 by the deadline are severe you will have no problems in getting CRA to accept the submission based on what you have records of. I believe it is a CRA situation and not Ufile. Confirmation numbers come from CRA and not Ufile.

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This is a very annoying bug in Ufile.  After successfully submitting the T1135, it shows a confirmation, but underneath that confirmation, it copies the submission form.


This is quite confusing, because the user assumes that they need to submit again, but when they try to do that, they get a submission failure.

The problem is that now Ufile thinks that the submission has failed and will not show the confirmation number of the original, successful submission.

I can't believe that this wasn't caught by QA.

Oh, and CRA "my account" doesn't show if the T1355 was received


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