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Hello DougSharon,

How to choose the person who claims medical expenses and the Sharing medical expenses

At the federal level, by default, the program will optimize the claim for medical expenses for your family.

The person with the lowest net income claims medical expenses because the total medical expenses are reduced by 3% of his or her net income, which is subject to the maximum of the year in question.

However, if the non-refundable credits of this person in line 33200 of federal Step 5 are equal to or greater than the amount of line 40400, it is possible that a portion of the medical expenses will be transferred to the person with the higher net income.

If you want to override the choices made by the program, please follow the steps below for residents in any province or territory, except Quebec:

1. On the "Left-side menu of the Interview tab", select the item "Medical, disability, caregiver" and on the screen to the right, choose the line "Sharing of medical expenses''.

2. On the page that opens, select the option that corresponds to your situation in the first drop-down menu.

3. If you selected ''Claim specified amount'', enter the amount in the field preceded by the "$" sign.

For residents of Quebec, the medical expense credit is calculated using net family income which is reduced by 3%, and the program credits the person with the highest income.

On the line "To modify the program's decision for Quebec medical expenses, indicate your preference here", choose "Claiming medical expenses for all family members" from the drop-down menu on your right.

The program will carry over the amount of line 381 of the Quebec return, according to the information entered section C of Quebec Schedule B.

Important note: this sharing must be made in the file of the person claiming the medical expenses.

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